0 Medical One Liners 341 - 350

341. Primary amyloid can cause an inflammatory response in lungs. This does not happen in case of secondary amyloid.

342. Drugs which can cause eosinophilia and pulmonary infiltrates- Penicillin, sulfonamides, methotrexate, asprin, nitrofurantoin, PAS.

343. The cytotoxic drugs have fibrogenic effect. This is enhanced by radiotherapy and high levels of inspired oxygen.

344. Intra renal calculi are usually asymptomatic. But an intra renal calculus can obstruct at the level of infundibulum and present with pain.

345. Shiny corner sign is seen in Ankylosing spondylitis.

346. MRI is the modality of choice in the assessment of glutaric aciduria type 1

347. Most common offending vessel in vascular loop compression -
  • Causing trigeminal neuralgia - superior cerebellar artery
  • Hemifacial spasm - Anterior inferior cerebellar artery.

348. Porencephalic cyst is lined by white matter whereas arachnoid cyst is lined by grey matter.

349. Dandy-Walker variant can not be diagnosed before the 18th week of gestation because the inferior vermis is not formed at this time.

350. Most consistent pathological finding in chronic bronchitis - hypertrophy of mucous secreting glands of bronchi.

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