0 Medical one liners 291 - 300

291. Ulcerative colitis causes inflammatory diarrhoea
        Pancreatic exocrine insufficiency causes Steatorrheal diarrhoea

292. Metastases -
  • MC intracranial metastasis from Carcinoma lung
  • MC hepatic metastasis (overall) from Bronchogenic carcinoma
  • MC hepatic mets from GIT from Colonic carcinoma
293. Isotonic exercise : Cardiac output increases
        Isometric exercise : Cardiac output decreases.

294. The repolarisation wave in heart starts from epicardial surface of apex.

295. Glucocorticoids increase the number of RBCs, platelets and neutrophils in the circulation.

296. Acute rheumatic fever - There is no residual damage to the joint.

297. Live vaccines are contraindicated in pregnancy.

298. Screening is effective for cervical cancer, breast cancer & oral cancer.

299. CTEV correction : 1st - forefoot adduction, then - inversion, then - equinus.

300. Receptor proteins for Parathyroid hormone (PTH) are present on both osteoblasts and osteocytes.

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