4 Neiman pick , Tay Sach , Hunter's

This story is about a boy called Niemann who was fond of fried foods

one fine morning, he decided to have cherries fried in oil for lunch

so he set out to pick cherries from the lawn. he went riding on his pet zebra

he reached the garden & started picking up cherries

while our dude Neiman was busy picking up cherries,
he was being watched by
a old hunter

The hunter wanted to steal the zebra


Another boy
TaySach was in the garden picking up onions

Tay sach was a brave boy

he scared away the hunter

neiman was happy on seeing this
& befriended taysachs
as a token of friendship, he gifted taysach cherries & oil for a great lunch

he also gave taysach a ride on his zebra back home

moral of this weird story 

neiman pick dis
*zebra body
*cherry red spot
*staining with oil red o

tay sach dis
*zebra bodies
*cherry red spot
*staining with oil red o
*onion ring deposits in skin

hunter disease
*zebra bodies


1. They're all autosomal recessive, with the exception of Fabry's and Hunter's, which are both X-linked recessive.

2. Hurler and Hunter's both start with an H, and both accumulateHeparan sulfate. (Hopefully that will help you remember that they accumulate dermatan sulfate too).

3. Ashkenazi Jews have a higher risk of Gaucher's, Niemann-Pick, and Tay-Sachs.

4. Gaucher's spares the Brain., has crummpled tissue paper appearance.

5. Remember: "globoid cells" = Krabbe's.

6. "Cherry-Red" (spot on macula) is hyphenated. So are "Niemann-Pick" and "Tay-Sachs." :)

7. Hunters is X-linked. I view a Hunter shooting his bow at a X (target).

8. Niemann-Picks - Sphingomyelinase. No man picks is nose with is Sphinger (finger).

9. As above regarding Hunter's vs Hurlers. Hurlers you get corneal clouding, so you cannot be a good hunter.

10. HurLer's is alpha-L-iduronidase. Hunters, which is a similar disease, is the other one (iduronate sulfatase). "I just remember one, then know that the other one is the other one."

11. Metachromatic Leukodystrophy : Arysulfatase A deficiency


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