0 Cerebral sinus thrombus

This is an example of a question which can be solved with Presence of Mind alone. And proves that Knowledge is not necessarily required sometimes.

Q. Cerebral sinus thrombus, true are All Except ?

a. Dense delta sign on NCCT

b. Cord sign on NCCT

c. empty delta sign on contrast CT

d. empty delta sign on NCCT

Option C and D are opposite of each other --- Thus one of them is True and one is false.
This means that the other two are True as the question asks All Except
Now as Option A is True so , Option D which is opposite of Option A , must be wrong... Thus the answer is Option D. :)
Medical explanation :
In contrast CT , the area where there is a thrombus will not let the contrast fill (filling defect) - hence seen as empty.
In Non contrast CT - this thrombus is seen as bright (hyperdense) - hence Dense delta sign.

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