0 Anatomy AI 2011

All are seen in injury to common peroneal nerve except?
A. Loss of sensation over sole
B. Foot drop
C. Injury to neck of fibula
D. Loss of dorsiflexion of toe

Answer: Loss of sensation over sole

All of the following are pneumatic bones except?
A. Frontal
B. Ethmoid
C. Mandible
D. Maxilla

Answer : Mandible

Which of the following is not supplied by the anterior division of mandibular nerve (V3) ?
A. Temporalis
B. Medial pterygoid
C. Lateral pterygoid
D. Masseter

Answer: Medial pterygoid

Deoxygenated blood is not seen in
A. Pulmonary artery
B. Umbilical artery
C. Umbilical vein
D. Renal vein
Answer – Umbilical vein

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