0 Renal Tuberculosis

Author: Dr. Ayush Goel

Renal tuberculosis occurs due to hematogenous spread.

Salient points:

  • Earliest symptom: Frequency of micturation
  • Lab reports: Sterile Pyuria
  • Best Radiological test: IVP
    • Earliest feature - feathery appearance of calyces
    • Late - Putty Kidney/Cement Kidney (Autonephrectomy)
      • Note: Autosplenectomy is seen in Sickel cell disease
    • Urinary bladder - Thimble bladder (thick wall and low capacity)
    • Ureter - Golf hole ureters
Note: Bladder calcification is uncommon in TB. Bladder calcification is seen in Schistosomiasis.

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