2 Pulmonary sequestration

Author: Dr. Ayush Goel

Pulmonary Sequestration = accessory lung (embryonic cut off of a segment from main lung)


More common (75-85% cases)
Less common (15-25% cases)
Usually Child with recurrent infections
Usually Neonate with respiratory distress and cyanosis
Arterial supply
Aorta (Same in both types)
Venous supply
usually Pulmonary venous  drainage
Usually systemic venous drainage
Same pleura as ipsilateral lung
Separate pleura from ipsilateral lung
60% cases affect left lower lobe (Most commonly Posterior basal segment); 40% right lower lobe.
Always affect left lower lobe; can be subdiaphragmatic in 10% cases

Sequestrated lung appears hyperechoic than rest of lung on prenatal ultrasonography


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