0 Medical One Liners 401 - 410

401. Osteoporosis: decreased bone mass but normal mineralization. (Mineral to matrix ratio normal)

402. Osteomalacia: decreased rate of mineralization, hence increased quantity of non-calcified matrix. (Mineral to matrix ratio decreased)

403. MRI breast: In pre-menopausal women it should be performed between 7th-14th day (2nd week) after start of menstrual cycle, to avoid interference from normal enhancing breast tissue that may otherwise lead to false negative/positive results.

404. Woven bone with osteoblastic rimming:
  • Ossfying fibromas (=osteofibrous dysplasia)
  • Osteoblastoma 
  • Paget’s disease
405. Woven bone without osteoblastic rimming: Fibrous dysplasia

406. Gamekeeper thumb = skier thumb: tear of ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) of the thumb (at 1st metacarpophalyngeal joint)

407. Colles fracture: extra-articular distal radius fracture with dorsal angulation

408. Barton fracture: intra-articular distal radius fracture extending to dorsal aspect

409. Smith fracture - type I: extra-articular distal radius fracture with volar angulation

410. Reverse Barton fracture = type II Smith: intra-articular distal radius fracture extending to volar aspect.

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