1 Medical One Liners 261 - 270

261. Puff of smoke sign is seen in Moya moya disease.

262. Onodi cells are sphenoethmoidal air cells and are in close relation to optic nerve (usually) or internal carotid artery (less commonly)

263. Haller cells are maxilloethmoidal air cells that may be in close relation to infra-orbital nerve.

264. Hepatoportoenterostomy, or Kasai portoenterostomy is a surgical treatment performed on infants with biliary atresia to allow for bile drainage.

265. Denis Browne operation is used for surgical repair of hypospadias.

266. Corpora arenacea - Pineal gland
        Corpora amylacea - Prostate gland

267. Crypts of Leiberkuhn and Brunner’s glands are seen in Duodenum.

268. Anorectal ring is formed by  – Puborectalis, Internal anal sphincter and Deep external anal sphincter. (Mnemonic PID or DIP )

269. Gantzer's muscles - accessory heads of flexor pollicis longus and flexor digitorum profundus.

270. Last carpal bone to ossify is pisiform.

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