0 Optic radiation

The optic radiation (also known as the geniculo-calcarine tract or as the geniculostriate pathway) is a collection of axons from relay neurons in the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus carrying visual information to the visual cortex (also called striate cortex) along the calcarine fissure.

A distinctive feature of the optic radiations is that they split into two parts on each side:

1. Fibers from the inferiorretina (also called "Meyer's loop" or "Archambault's loop") -- Pass through temporal lobe by looping around the inferior horn of the lateral ventricle.----- when damaged : superior quadrant (quadrantanopia or "pie in the sky" defect.)

2. Fibers from the superior retina (also called "Baum's loop") --- travel straight back through the parietal lobe to the occipital lobe ----- when damaged : Inferior Quadrantopis or "pie in the floor" defect.

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optic_radiation

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