0 Mesoblastic Nephroma and some related points.

Mesoblastic nephroma (fetal renal hamartoma) is the commonest renal tumour in the neonate, most cases presenting by the age of 3 months, rarely above 12 months. It is solid but may contain cystic, haemorrhagic and necrotic areas. It is locally infiltrative and may recur if incompletely resected, and on rare occasions metastasize to lungs, brain and bone.

Treatment of mesoblastic nephroma is "Surgery" (with capsule)! Adjuvant Radio and chemo incearses morbity without improved survival (May be tried in mets or recurrent cases)!!

1- Most common abdominal mass in neonates- Multicystic dyaplastic kidney (then comes hydronephrosis of kidney with PUJ obstruction).
2- Most common renal tumour in neonates- Mesoblastic nephroma.
3- Most common abdominal lump before 2 Yrs- Neuroblastoma.
4- Most common abdominal lump between 2 and 5 yrs - Wilms tm.

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